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Hey Guys, my name is Dan, and I started Anibikes as a way to encourage kids to spend less time on screens and more time engaged in physical, outdoor play.

What is an Anibike, you ask? An Anibike is a soft foam handlebar accessory that visually transforms your bike into your favorite animal. Check out the gallery to see some of our existing designs! Anibikes are also easily paintable and customizable, and we hope that kids and families get excited about the possibility of creating their own fun designs.

We're gearing up to launch on Kickstarter in late March, 2019. As part of our campaign, we're searching for 10 local Austin artists that we'll pay to paint 1 Anibike. The head will be featured as a special reward tier during the kickstarter campaign. We'll need each head back on or around March 15th.

If you are interested in learning more, use the form below to contact me, and I'll promptly follow up with more details!

Thanks for your interest!  

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