Bike. Play. Love.

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At Anibikes (Animal+Bicycle), our mission is to help parents and kids balance screen time and active time. The idea is simple: turn your bike or scooter into your virtual pet, so that the health of a pet — and adventures with them — gets kids excited to go for bike rides and to spend more time engaged in physical, outdoor play.

Our handlebar accessories visually transform your bike or scooter into your favorite animal, which you can easily customize to make your very own. The Anibikes heads also contain basic technology to track how long you spend in motion, and when your ride is complete, data about your ride can be uploaded to the Anibikes app. After your ride is complete (the app is not used while riding!), the app brings your virtual pet to life by acting as a pet simulator and interactive storybook adventure. To keep your pet healthy, you have to exercise it regularly. If you neglect your pet for too long, it will nudge you to encourage you to stay active. The app also contains interactive stories and missions for kids to complete with their pet, but to advance through the story, kids have to first spent time engaged in outdoor play. The stories are imaginative adventures that help transform a 20 minute bike ride into a rewarding opportunity to take your Anibike out to play.

The mission for our bike attachments is to encourage a healthier, more active lifestyle for the young and the young at heart. If you know a child who you think would enjoy Anibikes, please sign up to follow our journey. The first step will be to back us on Kickstarter.

We’re launching on Kickstarter in late March, 2019. Please join our e-mail list to hear updates and to be notified the second you can get your very own Anibike!