Why Anibikes?


Call it a personality quirk, but I often wonder how the first of anything was invented. I’d like to think the invention of the first toy went a little something like this…

horsey 500.png

The quality of the cartoon aside, I’d wager that the first toy came about because the imagination of a child some millions of years ago took an ordinary object and transformed it from its literal essence into something incredible.

For as trendy as modern society feels, some truths are timeless. Kids’ love of animals is one of those constants. As a child of the 80s, I probably didn’t share a lot in common with kids who grew up at the turn of the 20th century, but the toys we loved weren’t all that different. Exhibit A:

Random child from a long time ago…

Random child from a long time ago…

… and me back in 1984. Probably when I peaked…

… and me back in 1984. Probably when I peaked…

You probably weren’t expecting a blog post explaining why I started a company to contain naked photos of me as a baby, were you? Me neither. But as the photo proves, maybe it was destiny that I went on to start Anibikes.

We think that kids will love Anibikes for the same reason that every generation of children all the way back to the the first Homo sapiens in the Pleistocene Epoch (nerd alert) loved animal toys. There is something about embracing your imagination and pretending to ride a unicorn or a horse or a dinosaur that is just plain fun. So if our generation and our parents’ and grandparents’ generations all got a thrill from running around on a stick and pretending it was a horse, isn’t it time for an updated version?

We’re excited to turn kids’ bikes into their virtual pet unicorn / horse / dinosaur / whatever animal they can dream up. Furthermore, we hope that by providing a fun real-world experience, we can help motivate kids to spend less time inside staring at screens and more time out in the world engaged in the types of play that were so impactful for generations past.

Evolution of Toy-01 (1).jpg

And so our journey begins. We hope you’re as excited as we are and we hope that you’ll follow our journey by signing up to our e-mail list!

Until next time,


Daniel Webb